Mors, Reaper of Souls

The Big One. The one who threatens to destroy your planet and all of the people you care for.


Evil Mist:?
Reaper’s Sickle:?
Death’s Gaze:?
Harbinger of Death:?


One of the many Gods that created many of the universes that surround Earth-21. Formally a very peaceful god turned evil. He now is rampaging across galaxies to destroy any planet in his sight, gaining power every time he does so. He would formally reap and purge all planets who are not worthy of living, but know he is doing it for the thrill of it. He has never really been looked up to, and doesn’t get along with other too well. He would always stay to himself until he would have to visit every universe in his quadrant to purge evil. He takes all of those evil planets to Elysium, the Underworld. He makes all the criminals and bad people work for an eternity, until their souls fade away. He possess very dark powers that can make anyone go insane. Just by being in his presence can make you go insane with hallucinations and evil thoughts. He has a huge sickle and chain that he uses to destroy worlds with one single swing.

Mors, Reaper of Souls